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Quality Control

1.Cosmetic Inspection

● Check whether the surface of glass lens damaged or off paint, etc.

● Check whether front bezel debonding, damaged, screw hole 

blocked, etc.

● Check whether flex cable broken or damaged.

● Check whether backlight adhesion normal or not.

● Check hydrophobic effect with water, alcohol, and N-hexane.


2.Function&Display Test

● Test touch function by pulling up and down, switching page, 

moving icons.

● Test 3D Touch function and sensitivity.

● Check whether the pure color screens normal or not.

● Check whether the screen turns black under polarizer.

● Test Color Coordinates & Brightness.


3.Structure Test

● Check whether LCD metal plate well matched or screw hole 

well aligned.

● Check screen fitness with iPhone housing after installation.

● Check whether function normal or not after installation.

● Check whether light leaked or backlight conflicted with LCD 

Touch ID function test.


4.Quality promise protection:

For our regular customers, we promise to let you know the current market quality of any parts you want. If you find that the parts you receive don't match the quality we promised, we will issue you a full refund. Any returning parts should be original condition as received.


Warranty Policy

For parts, all defective merchandise, unless otherwise indicated, may be returned for a replacement within 12 months from the original purchase date. The warranty does not cover physically damaged merchandise.
For second hand drones, we will test-fly and make video to customers before shipping. So there is not return service.